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This network is provided free of charge, there is no guarantee of service.
By using this system, user waives all rights/liabilities/etc. from

This system is privately operated/funded, and not affiliated with the city of Hillsboro
It is intended for casual, occasional use and is not meant to replace permanent internet connections

Help us bring FREE Wireless Internet to Hillsboro
Host a outdoor or indoor Meraki repeater or donate funds
to allow us to purchase more equipment

Advertising is free to places hosting a unit -

Using the System

Once you select and connect to the system, there is a sign-in page that you MUST click on "Press Here to Continue", If you do NOT finish this page - NO internet functions will work

System status
? Added American Legion Building
2/29/2012 Washington Street Station back up
5/25/2011 Added Meaner Wiener (Gateway)
12/3/2010 Added Jasmine Thai Cuisine (Now 24hr)
11/7/2009 Added Hillsboro Pythians
Links to 19 units
10/21/2009 Hillsboro A-Best Appliance
Poor linking - sorry
10/9/2009 Addded Hillsboro Vac & Sew, links to 6 systems
9/24/2009 Nachtigal back up - loose power cable
9/4/2009 TV Artist repeater moved; links in 5 more units
8/29/2009 Added Washington Street Station
2/15/2009 Antenna on HART Raised up higher
2/25/2009 New Repeater "The Hypnosis Place"

System is growing, checkout news article
Updated 10/8/2012